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About Me

Hi I’m Ethan! welcome to my web page! I’m nine years old. I love animals of all types. I want to help animals in Kentucky … and every where else! For three years I have been trying to make rescue pets the official state pet of Kentucky. I hope you enjoy my page!

My bill will be has been reintroduced in 2022 as House Bill 100 and Senate Bill 72! I would love to have more co-sponsors. Thank you for supporting the animals!

Build Support for Rescues

This is the 3rd time a bill has been introduced to name rescue pets the official pet of Kentucky

Let's make this the year that Kentucky joins Tennessee. Ohio, Colorado, California, Georgia and Illinois to help bring awareness to rescue animals!

Texas and Oregon have bills, too. Thank you so much for signing! Please keep sharing!

Sign the Petition!

New and Improved! Now with TWO bills!

Thanks to Sen. Adrienne Southworth, there are now two bills before the Kentucky General Assembly! Please contact the Kentucky legislative line at 1-800-372-7181 and ask them to support HB 100 and SB 72. Thank you!

The text of HB 100

Thanks to Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson of Lexington for re-introducing the bill this session.

Six reasons to pass the bill
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